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After working with every website platform over the years there are two I've always recommended; Shopify for any e-commerce stores and Showit for everything else. It's customizable, has the power of wordpress blogging behind it, amazing for SEO, and easy to change it as you grow your brand. Does that sound like something you want?

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Why do you recommend showit over another platform?

I've used so many platforms over the years and Showit is the most customizable site, easy to learn and adjust it as you grow, has a great blogging system built in, and is amazing for SEO. Other sites like Wix are also click and drag design but their SEO is terrible and wix also tends to have slow websites. With Showit, you can continue to use the same site for years to come and easily rebrand it as needed. The ONLY time I don't recommend it is if you have a shop with a lot of products, then Shopify is your best platform.

Would you recommend Showit for e-commerce sites?

No. Unless you have only a handful of digital products, I would recommend Shopify for e-commerce sites. It's just more reliable than using the plugin Woo-Commerce for Showit. Shopify is also built to sell so it's compatible with so many apps and upgrades to grow your store. There's simply no better tool out there for large shops. While it can be done on Showit, I find it to be too clunky.


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